The Lego Treasure Hunt

The Lego Treasure Hunt
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Deli Game

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Published on 22, 2017


Deli Game

What a delicious game! Paupiette At Fast Diego is a ridiculous game for those, who really love food. You task is simple: just eat as much food as you can! Have fun!...

Paupiette At Fast Diego
89 plays

If you are fond of Spongebob, who lives in the pineapple under the sea, then you should definitely try Spongebob's Boat Adventure online game.Spongebob goes on adventures! Go together with him and help him! Have fun together with your friend. ...

Spongebob's Boat Adventure
90 plays

If you are in for fun, you should try Construction Worker Will. Create the best construction of your own. Enjoy it!...

Construction Worker Will
117 plays

Try this brand new part of world famous online flash game called Dead Hungry! It is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your task is to feed zombies! Pay attention to the fact that green zombies aren`t hungry at all. And to feed yellow zombies y...

Dead Hungry 2
118 plays

Finally, there is a special game for girls, who love style and fashion! In the lovely Office Trend you can try yourself in the role of a designer and choose the best look for the day at the office. Pick up clothes and accessories from the menu to cre...

Office Trend
106 plays

This flash game gives you a chance you to train your memory with fun. All you need to pass the level is to repeat the colors in the correct order. Try out your memory in this simple, but quite challenging game!...

Copy Cat Jack
104 plays

Try the brand new second part of the world famous online flash game called under Construction. This game is very similar to Tetris, but it is more difficult and more addictive to play. Your objective is to build various constructions of architectural...

Under Construction-2
102 plays

Oh no! Your dearest people are freeze to an ice cube. Your task is to save them all. The task is not easy at all and you will have to show great skills in overcoming all the impediments. Have luck and prevail!...

4 plays