The Lego Treasure Hunt

The Lego Treasure Hunt
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Deli Game

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Published on Nov 13, 2018


Deli Game

Eggstinction is a funny side-scrolling online flash game, which gives you a great opportunity take part in the dinosaurs’ eggs vs aliens battle. Controlling your egg and bringing him to safety, shoot out the alien ships with an awesome variety of w...

242 plays

The consequences of the war are horrible! Everything is in a terrible mess. The city needs rebuilding. Your task is to clean the post war field from weapons and rubbish. Put the weapons in the special weapon bin, the other rubbish can go into the usu...

Post War Field Clean Up
819 plays

You play as a squid and your task is to stay alive as long as possible. The problem is that all the lobsters want to eat you. So, move fast and beware of lobsters! Enjoy the game!...

Little Liquidator
617 plays

Breakout Evolution 2 is the sequel of the famous and popular all over the world online game. Now it is back! It has been improved and has more than 50 challenging levels with such amazing features as gravity fields, warp holes and many others. Everyt...

1078 plays

You have to do something with your computer, for it operates inappropriately. Start the game and fix it!...

Whack Your PC
1216 plays

Dedicated friends Finn and Jake are on a new adventure again. This time the action will take place in a forest with the clouds. Touching clouds, Finn will fly. Meeting Jake, he will earn additional points. Control his flight with a mouse. Now, you kn...

1057 plays

Sliding Jack is a brand new amazing online flash game. Jack was a kid and he always was harassed by the bullies. But one day something strange had happened to Jack and he has waked up with special abilities like a super hero. And as you have understo...

Sliding Jack
1201 plays

A lot of city motorists are ignoring the traffic rules and having a great fun, but one day a little girl, who is riding her cute bicycle, get into an accident. Use arrows or WASD buttons to move and spacebar to toss footwear. Press R to enable/disabl...

720 plays