The Lego Treasure Hunt

The Lego Treasure Hunt
Deli Game Deli Game
Deli Game

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Published on 17, 2018


Deli Game

In the extraordinary and fantastic Keep an Eye online game your friend has asked you to do a small thing for him. He wants you to deliver an eye! It sounds like crazy and illegal, but we won't tell anybody. Are you ready to complete this task for you...

Keep an Eye
235 plays

Hand Jibe is a brand new puzzle-based online flash game, where you have to make color and hand combinations. Use your mouse to play this game. Pay attention that you can see all the combinations in the left bottom corner. Be as fast as possible, beca...

Hand Jibe
157 plays

You play as a squid and your task is to stay alive as long as possible. The problem is that all the lobsters want to eat you. So, move fast and beware of lobsters! Enjoy the game!...

Little Liquidator
248 plays

You will for sure like this exciting online action physics game. This game has an amazing graphics and gameplay. Your task is to lead the balloons through the difficult maze. People of all ages will for sure like this game, because it is a great time...

Flying Bot
271 plays

Bob the Robber 2 is an intriguing game, which will have a hold on you. You will have to act secretly and sneak silently. You will have to escape camera detection and find the required codes. See not to set alarm aloud! We wish you good fortune!...

280 plays

Try our brand new exciting online flash game, in which you can test your eyesight and math skills. Your objective in this game is to count how many stars are there in the sky and then you must type your answer. Pay attention to the fact if you have m...

12 Many
158 plays

Do you like three match online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Greedy Mole. Your objective in this game is to feed the moles. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because you must u...

Greedy Mole
412 plays

Nemo Fish Jigsaw is an exciting game, in which you can test and master your memory skills. Your task is to try to memorize the picture on the screen. Take your time and learn all the details of the picture. Then, press the start button. The computer ...

Nemo Fish Jigsaw
452 plays