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Dale and Peakot

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Published on 18, 2017


Dale and Peakot is a brand new adventure online flash game. Dale is a farmer and the story is that somebody has stolen all his hens. And you must use all your skills in order to catch them and bring them home. Don’t think that it will be an easy task. Peakot is your trusty aid. Pay attention to the fact that you must control both characters in order to complete all the levels. Click with your mouse to control Peakot, and double-click for a powerful circle blast! Control Dale with A, D and jump with W. Use space-bar to shoot and R to reload. Do your best in order to set a new high-score. Good luck!

Khazyle (Fury of the Elements) is a captivating game full of mysteries and danger. Your task is to help the brave archer to kill all the enemies. The dark side wants to destroy lands of Khazyle, so use all available weapons to stop these ugly orcs, t...

Khazyle - Fury of the Elements
111 plays

Try this brand new tower defense online flash game called Zombie Crusade. Your task as in any tower defense online is to kill all the zombies before they pass the maze. Use all you strategical and tactical skills in order to set up your forces on the...

Zombie Crusade
116 plays

Fuel Transport is an amazing online flash game, in which you drive a truck with fuel on the enemy`s territory. Your objective is to reach finish as fast as possible. Also, you must destroy all the cars, tanks and even helicopters. Have fun! ...

Fuel Transport
104 plays

Get prepared to have a very adventurous fly into the space in Space Strike Force! Shoot down your foes with different types of weapons gaining power ups. Another variant is to kill them all with a single strike using tremendous nuke power. Gathering ...

Space Strike Force
184 plays

You have been laboring so long and so hard and as a result, you are the great master! The best slingshot warrior in your land! You have incredible skills, as well as very brave heart. Therefore, you felt happy for some time…but then one bad thing h...

119 plays

Meet a fascinating 3D shooter! The invaders have occupied a mineral mine on Mars. You have a very difficult task – to get the mine back. You are the best warrior of our planet and it fully relies on your war skills. So, don’t fail!...

Battle Area
134 plays

Pirates are known for their greed for gold, jewels and all kinds of treasures. However, there is a special agency that can protect the village inhabitants from those robbers. Guide that agency and secure the safety of the village people....

Village Warriors
118 plays

Try this amazing game called Mine Blast and enjoy it. You may be sure that it will become one of your favorite games. There are 16 intriguing levels and each is unique. Your task is to delete all the precious stones. Control and direct the mine-cart ...

Mine Blast
124 plays