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Cricket Game

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Published on 18, 2017


Cricket is a wonderful past-time that all will get to experience! The big game is coming up, and your star scorer needs some practice! Using your mouse, control your bat and aim where to place your shot. Go for the highest score you can, but don't get greedy! Hit any balls out of bounds, let a ball past you or hit the stumps and it will automatically end your session!


What a mysterious and creepy game! The Sound Walk game is based on a dark and adventurous journey. Keep the rhythm and get till the end of the game. Do everything possible to find your way to redemption! Use arrow keys to play this game. Play hard an...

125 plays

This game is really for you, if you hate piggies. Choose your favorite weapon and kill as many of these annoying piggies as possible. Try to set a new high score. Relieve stress with Demi Tihan Wars! Have fun! ...

Demi Tuhan Wars
5 plays

Try yourself in skydiving! Your task is to help the monkey to land on the bullseye with parachute. Beware of these angry and annoying birds, if you want to land safely. Good luck!...

Sky Dive
153 plays

Hit the ball and your rivals to reach the target and win. Have luck!...

Bumper Ball
6 plays

Book'em Up! is a fun physics, puzzle shooting game where You are the librarian which stays on the path of its own war with illiteracy. Book'em Up the Needy! There are Three weapon type launchers to deal with; - Brave hero with three costumes; - 4 mai...

Bookem Up
188 plays

Your task in this entertaining game is to aid Tom the cat and two mice Jerry and Tuffy to gain a lot of presents for Christmas. Choose a hero and catch the gifts. Mark that every hero can reach definite height. Have fun at full!...

Tom and Jerry Merry Christmas
92 plays

You are in danger! The fire is constantly growing. Your main goal is to escape from the fire and to survive. You have to run and jump from one platform to another. You need to press your right mouse button in order to run and left mouse button to jum...

Fire Starter
153 plays

Use your character to move around and shoot the targets with the balls. Bounce the balls against the environment or the edge of the screen to be able to reach hard targets. Move around, jump or take a leap of faith and try to eliminate all your targe...

198 plays