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Cricket Game

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Published on Dec 13, 2017


Cricket is a wonderful past-time that all will get to experience! The big game is coming up, and your star scorer needs some practice! Using your mouse, control your bat and aim where to place your shot. Go for the highest score you can, but don't get greedy! Hit any balls out of bounds, let a ball past you or hit the stumps and it will automatically end your session!


In this game, your task is to gather all the batteries and switch on all the speakers to unlock the next stage. Compile platinum CDs. This will give you additional capabilities. Entertain!...

3 plays

Feed Us Pirates is an entertaining game, which will bring you tons of pleasure. The piranhas are hungry again and they wish some pirates’ flesh. Your objective is to drown all those boats to fill the stomachs of those tiny, but dangerous fishes. Yo...

Feed Us Pirates
193 plays

The amazing and captivating Cargo bridge online game is back! It has been improved and now it has more than 60 challenging levels, 3 level packs, new game play, new cago types and six awesome tools for bridge building. Your main goal is to build brid...

Cargo Bridge 2
190 plays

The sequel of the poplar and famous all over the world Furry Fights game is coming! The game has been greatly improved, so you will receive twice more fun! Click "Play" and do your best to destroy your enemy. Use all your games skills to become an ul...

Furry Fights 2 Revenge
211 plays

Lazy germs are everywhere! You have to get rid of them and to clean the territory from these annoying creatures! You have to complete your task, while they are sleeping. Be careful and quiet! Don't wake them up or they will eat the life bar of the p...

Sleepy Germs Hacked
183 plays

Search of gold has made something with your uncle. He told you that he would leave you in the gold mine. Bring him three pieces of gold to escape. Find them as quickly as possible, but don’t think that it is an easy task....

Amazing Escape Gold Mine
175 plays

We are glad to present you this exciting skill-based online flash game called Reverse Mouse Game. Your objective is simple in this game. All you have to do is to lead the cursor through the maze. You will pass the level, if you reach finish. You will...

Reverse Mouse Game
167 plays

Candy Sugar Kingdom is an exciting real time action multiplayer. Choose your character, game mode and go on for candy battles. Defeat all the opponents on the battle field to win. Do your best to set a new high score! Have fun! ...

Candy Sugar Kingdom
187 plays