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Crazy Chess Crazy Chess

Published on 19, 2018


Do you like to play chess? If you answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Crazy Chess. Pay attention to the fact that it is not a traditional chess game, because it is a great mix of tower defense game. Your objective is to defend your castle from the attacking black pawns. Eight black pawns can take your castle down. Kill the pawns using the traditional 'L' move, before they reach the bottom of the board. Don’t forget that there are various power-ups, which will increase your chances. Notice that you will earn gold for every killed enemy, which you can spend on various upgrades and new better towers. Have fun!

Seeking for adventures and fun, you should try Boxhead the Nightmare. A perfect game with various interesting tasks....

Boxhead the Nightmare
216 plays

Nuclear Ragdoll is an amazing and captivating online game! Your main task is to fire up your cannon and get rid off some characters. Use the power of the nuclear powder to come over all the obstacles, smath through boulder, walls and sneak your way a...

263 plays

Try yourself as the employee of the Zombies Inc. Your position is quite important, because you work as the CEO of this company. Your reponsibilities are quite high and they include such tasks as conquering the world. Your company develops zombies and...

Zombies Inc
247 plays

Do you like the famous story about the ghosts busters? If your answer is yes, then you must for sure try our brand new onli,e flash game called Ghost Viper. The story is that two brothers have opened an office to examine and search mysterious thing...

Ghost Wiper
258 plays

If you are a fan oh physics-based online games, then you will love the Morphing game! If you want to morph into the objects, you need just to click on them. Do your best to complete the tasks in all the levels and pass the game! The game is played wi...

316 plays

Your runner has to reach the finish line. To clear his way, draw the path overcoming all the impediments. Gather the rings for speed boost and avoid purple mines. Enjoy it as you wish!...

Line Runner 2
221 plays

The bitterest enemies are surrounding. Your life, freedom and safety are in danger. Nevertheless, you’ve got everything to withstand a siege: bright mind, strategies, different weapons. Control a tank to eliminate foes and throw hordes away! Kill t...

Panzer Ops
8 plays

Generator Rex Evo Showdown is a breathtaking and challenging online game, in which you hyave to face various terrible creatures. Play hard and levels up along with Rex. Earn points and increse your powers. Save the world from these bastards! Use W A...

1446 plays