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Crazy Chess Crazy Chess

Published on 22, 2018


Do you like to play chess? If you answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Crazy Chess. Pay attention to the fact that it is not a traditional chess game, because it is a great mix of tower defense game. Your objective is to defend your castle from the attacking black pawns. Eight black pawns can take your castle down. Kill the pawns using the traditional 'L' move, before they reach the bottom of the board. Don’t forget that there are various power-ups, which will increase your chances. Notice that you will earn gold for every killed enemy, which you can spend on various upgrades and new better towers. Have fun!

Beaver Brothers is an exciting adventure online flash game, in which you must use all your skills, because you have to control two characters at once. The story is that two beaver brothers have decided to build a house, but they have no bricks. So yo...

Beaver Brothers
243 plays

Do you like hard physics based online flash games? If your answer is yes, then Friction Physics is really for you. You must use all your brain skills in order to pass all the levels. You have a possibility to change frictions of the objects and gravi...

Friction Physics
416 plays

We have good news for all the Pinball game fans. Try our brand new online flash game called Pinball Smash Up. Your objective is to get as many score points as possible. Pay attention to the fact that you have only three balls and it will be a game ov...

Pinball Smash Up
286 plays

Join MrBirdie in his cool and exciting adventures! Your objective is to fly through all the obstacles and avoid crashing into them. Play hard and help him to become an ultimate champion. Do your best on increase your chances on victory! If you are re...

400 plays

Die in a Carpet Fire is an unconventional game, where your aim is to make Ninja janitor die many times in fire to rescue Ninja rugs. They are under threat of evil Ghostly carpets. That burning in the fire is the only way to win. Do your best to win, ...

Die in a Carpet Fire
273 plays

If you are searching for the amazing rally driving online game, then you are on the right way! In the Turbo Rally you get an opportunity to visit all the continents and race in different conditions. Do your best and become an ultimate rally champion!...

Turbo Rally
401 plays

Meet the next part of the famous Red Ball flash game. Evil squares have decided to capture the world and make it square. Control the last Red Ball. Your task is to collect all the stars on your way. Beware of evil squares in this deep forest. Use arr...

Red Ball 4 Vol 2
201 plays

A fantastic and exciting game for the fans of space and spaceships. You were on your space trip, when suddenly something went wrong and you realized that the gasoline tank was empty. Fortunately, you have felt down on the planet Gravitron with minima...

Planet Gravitron
347 plays