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Ghost Guidance

Hook Em Up

Hook Em Up
Construction Fall Construction Fall
Construction Fall

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Published on Dec 17, 2018


Tired of building towers or different structures? Why not demolish something, like match stick structures. Knock down all the parts of the construction to get them below the line in this clever physics/puzzle game! Make use of the environment well in order to be able to complete your task. Your super ball will aid you as much as it can, but your cleverness will be what that matters in the end.


Super Cars Memory Match is an amazing classical matching online flash game. I am sure that all fans of fast cars will like this game, because as you have understood you must match the pictures with excellent super cars. The rules are the same and it ...

Super Cars Memory Match
376 plays

America’s greatest holiday is in full fling! It’s the 4th of July! You are driving Chevrolet Camaro gathering your family and friends for fireworks and picnics. Thousands of families are about to do the same. No wonder all streets are crowded! Ju...

4th of July Parking
323 plays

It’s game time! Ready to play an exciting & interesting game online? Basketball & ball suggests simple rules, multiple levels, much fun, etc. There’s a ball to be bounced on different surfaces (metal, brick or wood) and shot into various baskets....

Basket and Ball
1176 plays

Shoot The Daltons 2 it's a very exciting shooting game. Try to shoot the daltons with bouncing bullets.The tricky thing is that he doesn't have a lot of bullets to use so your shots will be limited and need to count. If you have good aim and can shoo...

Shoot The Daltons 2
312 plays

R.I.F.T. is an amazing online flash game, in which you play a role of a servant robot. This game is very similar to the famous Super Mario flash game. Your objective is to bring the cake to your master. Pick up boxes and crates to help you reach high...

403 plays

It is unbelievable, but Clarence has never been on a date, though he is 35 years old already. This event is utterly important for him. He ought to make a pleasant impression upon his lady passing all the obstacles of all those levels. Come on! We kno...

Clarence's Big Chance
313 plays

If you are a fan of point and click type of escape games, then Escape The House online game is the best variant for you! In this game your objective is to search for and various important objects, clues and hints. Do everything possible to find the e...

212 plays

We are glad to present you this brand new application, in which you can test your color vision. But pay attention to the fact that even though this test can be very accurate, it should never be used to replace a doctor's visit. Also, you must know th...

Color Vision Test
928 plays