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War Games

Tiny Combat 2

Tiny Combat 2
Commando 2 Commando 2

Published on Dec 14, 2018


This is a real Mans Game. In this Game you are a lone Commando going on 4 missions deep inside enemy territory. At the beginning of the game you can chose from many deadly weapons from, knifes, pistols, machine guns to even Rocket Launchers and sniping rifles. You alone must battle a whole army. This is one of the most highest quality shooting games ever designed.


Infiltrate the enemy base and shoot their troopers down! ...

Trooper Assassin
324 plays

Were you lucky enough to try out the Sonic RPG game? Well, here’s a new one – the 2nd part. It’s tougher, more interesting, really unpredictable. Sonic RPG 2 is a perfect sequential part that gamers have been waiting for too long....

Sonic RPG eps 2
1164 plays

We are glad to present you the second part of the world famous ridiculous fighting online flash game called Stickman Sam. Your objective is the same as in the previous part but this game has better graphics and more exciting gameplay. You'll encounte...

Stickman Sam 2
680 plays

In Truth Battle, You are one man with a rocket launcher on his shoulder. The first level begins with foot soldiers firing their own rockets at you. For that reason always be moving to avoid their fire. Kill all of them to move onto other levels. Then...

Truth Battle
274 plays

Don't hesitate, click "Start" and choose your own adventure with the brand new Field Command 2 online game! You are a head of the team of soldiers, who are somewhere in future. The fate of your comrades depends on you! The game gives you a great deal...

Field Command 2
367 plays

The enemies have occupied your city. You are an elite soldier and everybody rely on you. Get inside the city and put to end all the enemies. Use weapon to your liking and overcome everyone. Go ahead and become a hero!...

Border Defense
476 plays

The Awaking is a ridiculous online flash game. The story is that one day you have awoken somewhere in the forest and you have no matter how it has happened. Create your own character and have fun! ...

The Awakening RPG
790 plays

Are you ready? It's time to make smart decisions, commander! The enemies are here! Fight them all and get rid of all these nasty bastards! Choose the best moment to give a fire command. The allies are coming to help you, so don't worry! Don't hesitat...

661 plays