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Color World Origins

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Published on 22, 2017


Once again you can kill some time with the addictive Color World! It might seem simple at first, but you'll find yourself soon wondering how to get to the next level! Make the colour of the boxes match that of the character inside them using the fluffy balls in your cannon: the less you have to shoot, the higher the score! Teleporters, trolley carts and gravity wells will have you scratch your head as you try to figure out a way to beat the game!


Who said that being the only survivor is the thing one should get excited about? Especially, when all the team mates are dead now. Your new objective is to fight all alone. It does not sound fascinating, does it? Still, you have to survive the 2nd st...

Gold Gun
138 plays

Chaos Invaders is a very simple but exciting online flash game. Your task is to catch all the falling aliens with your spaceship. Use your gun to make them fall faster. Good luck! ...

Chaos Invaders
108 plays

Cock Revenge is an amazing online flash game in Angry Birds style, but instead of pigs there are cats. Try to destroy them all with less cocks in order to get more score points. Pay attention to the fact that every cock has its special ability. Have ...

Cock Revenge
126 plays

Cannon Crush is one more exciting arcade online flash game. Your task is to control the cannon. Choose the right angle and power in order to crush all colorful cubes. Try to pass all 40 amazing levels. Enjoy!...

138 plays

Do you remember famous PC game called “Virtual Cop”? If your answer is yes, then you will for sure like our brand new online flash game Stick Shootout. In this 3D flash game your task is to shoot your enemies and items that are flying exactly at ...

Stick Shootout
117 plays

Have you even taken part in the sky battles? With the cool and interesting Frantic Sky online game you get such an opportunity. Your objective is get rid of the fighter jets of your enemies. Do your best and survive for as long as you can! In the end...

Frantic Sky
168 plays

This is the second part of the ridiculous online flash game called Slash Zombies Rampage. The story is that there is a zombie apocalypse in the world and you are the only one, who can save the humanity. So, you must smash all the zombies on your way ...

Slash Zombies Rampage 2
124 plays

If you are fond of war games, then you will definitely like Close Combat online game. You control one of two teams of the game. When it is your turn, you can either move your team member or not. In addition, you can carry out a certain kind of attack...

Close Combat
119 plays