Shoot The Daltons 2

Shoot The Daltons 2

Laser pong

Laser pong
Color Buster Color Buster
Color Buster

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Published on Nov 21, 2017


use you arrow keys to ove and space to shoot up at the targets that you need to hit.


The incredible Max is back again for entertainment. He has some novice toys, excluding gun and laser. What is your task? Yes! To destroy everything you see, from a bookcase to the microwaves. Reach the biggest damage, succeed in 50 levels and win!...

Max Damage 2
214 plays

Your mission is to defend life of a famous philanthropist from two assassins all the time of his travels round the globe. Draw items and block all the onsets. Have good fortune!...

153 plays

Leonardo da Vinci is a famous invertor. In this game, you will play with one of his great creations. A powerful cannon. Use its full strength and destruct the towers of your enemies. Prior shooting, be sure that you have aimed perfectly to put the to...

Da Vinci Cannon 3
160 plays

Meet a brand new and awesome Angry Animals game, which is now available online and for free! Your main goal is to help some poor animals fight against the evil aliens. You need to destroy buildings to win! Earn stars and set a new high score! Use you...

Angry Animals
161 plays

The Paint Gunner ...

The Paint Gunner
379 plays

How many really awesome tank frenzy games are you aware of? Tank World Hero is one of them! The battlefield gravity will have a huge effect on the vehicle and you should keep calm, if you want to survive… Pass over all moving platforms. Move to oth...

Tank World Hero
207 plays

Blosics is an interesting game, in which your task is to smash green blocks with the ball. Choose the right angle and power to get more points! Do your best and pass all the levels! Good luck!...

182 plays

Most of the games are about building, but not this one! In Demolition city you have to think over how to destroy the builings. You get a certain amount of the dynamite, which you need to put in the correct place. If the dynamite is ready, click on "B...

Demolition city
168 plays