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Material Mole

Effin Santa

Effin Santa
Chariot Chasedown Chariot Chasedown
Chariot Chasedown

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Published on 20, 2019


Chariot Chasedown - Destroy Emperor Han's chariot before he gets away!

These stone aged men are hunting for the mammoths that are almost extinct! In Mammoth Rescure your objective is to protect and to save poor creatures from evil people. Solve various puzzles and complete the tasks to roll the stone aged men to the hol...

Mammoth Rescue
308 plays

Operation Overdom is a brand new online flash game, in which you have an opportunity to try yourself as a real spy. Your objective in this game is to sneak past the guards and cameras without getting caught. Don’t think that it will be an easy task...

Operation Overdom
286 plays

We are glad to present you this bradn new online flash game called Mecha Arena. In this game you must use all your building skills in order to build and upgrade your own mache robot. But don’t thinkt that the game will be over when you build the ro...

Mecha Arena
304 plays

Try this brand new version of Terraguardian. Your task is to control the wee tank. Kill all the birds in the sky. By the way, you need not only to get rid of the birds, but also you have to destroy all the flying plans. Be alert, because the planes w...

TerraGuardian 2
583 plays

Plant and Zombie is a world famous and popular game loved by everyone! Your task is to grow different plants, which will protect your garden from zombie attacks. Use your strategical skills and plant wisely. Each plant has its super power. For exampl...

Plant and Zombie Small War 2
1442 plays

Try out your business skills with Tropical Ice Tycoon! Open the townmap and explore all 5 regions ( school, mal, beach, workplace, factory). You have your own kitchen, where you can make a recipe from various ingredients. Choose the environment you l...

Tropical Ice Tycoon
1079 plays

Recruit mercenaries. Make them join your army. Teach them and give new technologies. Face all opponents and eliminate them. The flash game suggests the best battlefields ever seen, turn-base strategy areas and the blend of real time. Who said there c...

Alexander Dawn Of An Empire
627 plays

Meet an addictive and funny War Elephant online game, in which you have to get a famous legendary axe. Face thousands of warriors on your way to this important object! You have to think wisely and make smart decisions to win the battle! Upgrade your...

War Elephant
638 plays