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Burger Cat Burger Cat
Burger Cat

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Published on Nov 14, 2018


Burger Cat is a funny old school online flash game, in which your objective is to help cute cat reach her tasty burger. Point and click with your mouse to change the structure of the levels, add or remove blocks of terrain, create trampolines, avoid traps and much more! Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if your cat gets stuck. Be as fast as possible in order to get more score points. Enjoy the game!

Switch Bot is a cool and funny online game, in which you will play as Switch Boy that is lost on the unknown dangerous planet. Your main goal is to escape and find your way home. Get over all the obstacles and move them by changing colours. Try to di...

Switch Bot
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The poor little ragdoll’s planet is under great menace, as great crowds of alien spaceships wish to overcome it. You have dual chaingun arms and with them, you can really prevent the invasion. Summon your courage, escape enemies’ fire and conquer...

Ragdoll Invaders
835 plays

Skin Grafting Surgery is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you play as a future surgeon. If you want to be qualified surgeon in the Aime Hospital, you must learn all the diagnosing and treating methods about various kinds of diseases. A...

Skin Grafting Surgery
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Sugar Island is a brand new online flash game, in which you can easily improve your strategy and fighting skills. The story is that you play a role of a Viking. The problem is that a Sugar king and his mighty forces have come to your island in order ...

Sugar Island
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Blazing Scissors is a funny online flash game, in which you play as a barber. The story is that you dream to buy a new car but you have no money on it. So, you must to cut hair of the strangest costumers in order to make your dream come true. Control...

Blazing Scissors
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There is a disks collection you own. Move them. Make others become the same color. Players may say this game is for kids! Yet, even grown-ups find it arduous. Relying on luck is not enough. Well-deserved success is hard to achieve. Try and prove you ...

505 plays

Kill the Plumber is a unique ridiculous game, in which you play as the enemies instead of the main hero. There are several exciting game mode such as: time survival and boss fights. In boss fights you play as a real boss. You can play as flying Big G...

Kill the Plumber
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In this game, you receive a super chance to play for famous warrior John Rambo. This time, all the happenings will take place in the wild west. You will have a full arsenal of very powerful weapons. Use them effectively to kill the enemies. Come on! ...

Rambo Wild West 2
436 plays