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Burger Cat Burger Cat
Burger Cat

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Published on 24, 2018


Burger Cat is a funny old school online flash game, in which your objective is to help cute cat reach her tasty burger. Point and click with your mouse to change the structure of the levels, add or remove blocks of terrain, create trampolines, avoid traps and much more! Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if your cat gets stuck. Be as fast as possible in order to get more score points. Enjoy the game!

Money Miner is an exciting skill-based online flash game, in which you play a role of a gold hunter. As you have understood, your objective is to earn as much money as possible. Control the tractor in order to grab coins, gems, and rocks, which you c...

Money Miner
535 plays

Your task will be both complex and funny. You will be in a trash full of barriers. Your aim is to gather all the pizzas, overcoming all the troubles. Can you do that? We will see....

TMNT Bike Zone 2
6 plays

This is the next part of the most popular traffic frenzy online game. This time your task is to defeat traffic collapse in Rome. You must clear all the traffic in every level in this exciting strategy game. Be careful, avoid any accidents in order to...

Traffic Frenzy Rome
382 plays

The Totally Draw Some online game tells you a story about a couple of monkeys that have been kidnapped by some people. Soon they were locked in a secret room and one of them managed to escape. Now you have to help this brave monkey save his beloved ...

Totally Draw Some
184 plays

Mr Cube is a brand new addictive adventure online flash game. You play a role of Mr Cube and your task is to pass all the obstacles and reach finish in every level. Also, you must collect all the starts on your way in order to get more score points. ...

Mr Cube
178 plays

Squidward is known for his nasty and annoying character. It usually gets on Spongebob’s nerves. He wants to have revenge. Will you help him? Click on the hero and alter its shape to jostle Squidward down from the platform. Come on! Join this funny ...

Spongebob Excludes Squidward
3 plays

The Mysterious Planet may have new energy sources. No one knows where they exactly are. Goku gets the task to go there and find those sources. Yet, his mission is plain and clear only at first sight. The Mysterious Planet is the home place of enemies...

DragonBall Mysterious Planet
204 plays

Be ready to demonstrate all yourt thinking, logic and strategic skills in the funny and challenging Bee Honey game! Your objective is to collect honey by helping the bees. You need to match three or more bees of the same colour to get points. Do your...

Bee Honey
415 plays