Door To My Heart

Door To My Heart

Match 3 Christmas Pack

Match 3 Christmas Pack
Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel
Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel

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Published on 23, 2018


Bubble Shooter is a brand new exciting online flash game, in which you must use all your aiming and shooting skills. I am sure that you will like the design of this game, because it is made in the Christmas style. Your objective is to control the cannon and shoot the colored balls in order to remove the same colored balls from the game board. Pay attention to the fact that it is not a classical bubble shooter game, because instead of bubbles there are lights and they are always changing their color. So you must create your own strategy in order to set a new high-score. Good luck!

This is an awesome side scrolling shooting game, in which your mission is to control the chopper and destroy the enemy's army by staying alive for as long as possible. Also try to grab different power-ups such as falling weapons and health kits. Go a...

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Try our brand new adventure online flash game, in which the story takes part on the abandoned space station. Your task is to help Lee and Jameson to explore it and find all the secrets. Get ready to fight with deadly aliens. Find all the keys to open...

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Miami Zombies is the sequel of the famous defense strategy Bath Salts Zombies. Your only aim is to survive! Sounds easy, doesn't it? The story is that after the previous fight you tried to reach the route 95, where your girlfriend was. But suddenly s...

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Your objective in this very game is to put to end those cruel bloody pirates! Come on! Become a hero!...

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Human Darts is an exciting and ridiculous flash game, in which you can test your aim. Select your victim and throw darts in the target. Be careful, try not to hit person. Try to score in the middle of target to get more points and set a new high scor...

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This is the second part of the ridiculous online flash game called Slash Zombies Rampage. The story is that there is a zombie apocalypse in the world and you are the only one, who can save the humanity. So, you must smash all the zombies on your way ...

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