The Idiot Test

The Idiot Test

The Worlds Easyest Game

The Worlds Easyest Game
Brutality Brutality

Published on 28, 2017


Launch all those spikes, hooks and other items and shoot precisely. Get with your catapult all the coins you can. Mind that your time is limited. Consequently, you have to act quickly. Have fun!

One more breathtaking game from the famous developers from! Away Balsam Pear Face is an exciting online game, in which you should click on the yellow square to make it large. Let the black ball roll out of the map's border. This game...

Away Balsam Pear Face
100 plays

Demonstrate all your game skills in the breathtaking The Forest online game! Your main goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Jump from rock to rock and move fast to the next level. Be careful, there are a lot of suprises waiting for you. Enjoy t...

110 plays

When pumpkins attack is a brand new flash game. Your task is to destroy all the pumpkins to pass the level. Be careful and alert, because when you hit one large pumpkin, it will split into to the smaller ones. Then these smaller pumpkins will split ...

When Pumpkins Attack
117 plays

For a long time it was thought that the dinosaur age came to an end as a result of a meteor or ice age. There is no longer a dispute, as the truth has come out and it hurts like getting your leg chewed in half...

33 plays

Crazy Running a little bit reminds of the famous and popular Mario series. You play as a little funny boy, who runs along the road in the forest. Your task is to collect golden coins on your way to get points. Don't skip special items, powerups and u...

Crazy Running 1
105 plays

Four Square is an old school online flash game. Your task is to create a square from 4 blocks of your color. Pay attention to the fact that your opponent`s task is the same. So, watch out and try to avoid it. For each square you receive score points....

Four Square II
97 plays

3D MAZE is a brand new challenge puzzle online flash game. This game has an amazing 3D graphics. At first, you will be a bit confused, but then you will quickly get addicted to it, a totally randomly generated puzzle every time. Pay attention to the ...

108 plays

Try to survive in another battle against wicked and bloody zombies. Follow your dog and fight your way to freedom and safety. Start the challenge straight away!...

Zombie Dog Walk
105 plays