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Brick Galaxy

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Published on 24, 2017


We are glad to present you the modern version of the world famous online flash game called Brick Galaxy. This game looks like classic arcanoid but instead of destroying bricks, you must use all your skills in order to protect them from Evil space Panda, which is trying to destroy them. Use A and D to move the paddle. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if Panda destroys all the bricks. Have fun!

Oh, no! The winter turns out to be very severe this year. The whole city is suffering from the terrible blizzard. Your objective is to help the people by cleaning the streets from snow. Do your best to remove all the piles of the snow out of the way....

Snowplow Parking Mania
120 plays

Try this brand new second part of the game called mad Bombs. As in the previous part, your task is to destroy all the zombies. Pay attention to the fact that the only weapons you have are bombs. Good luck! ...

Mad Bombs 2
91 plays

With the help of Underground Machines you get a great opportunity to get acquinted and to understand the process of work of some powerful undergrpund machines. For example, you will drive a truck, a bus and even a crane! Every level provides you with...

Underground Machines
111 plays

Even more tricky balancing puzzles than before in this physics based game! Move obstacles as you wish,rotate them at an angle of 45 degrees with the arrow keys, and find sneaky ways to balance the geometrically-shaped objects. Do you have the wits, s...

Perfect Balance New Trials
83 plays

You should assist Lara in finding Luka. She needs to meet him in order to show her drawing. It is utterly important for her. You will face multiple impediments on the way to your goal. Accordingly, get prepared for a real challenge....

117 plays

Runway is an exciting online flash game, in which you have a great opportunity to test your plane driving skills. Your task is to reach the finish avoiding any hits. Pay attention to the fact that you also must collect all the assigned gadgets to com...

135 plays

Stupid Cupid is a funny online flash game, in which your task is to shoot love arrows at bad guys. You can find them floating above you. Be careful, they are throwing various bombs at you and shoot your hearts. Have fun! ...

Stupid Cupid
191 plays

You will love this funny and awesome Kvakvapark game! It is so appealing because of its lovely and cute characters Kulikvak and Kvakulina. They are frogs, who are taking park in the toboggan racing. Your main goal is to ride down all the slides. Try ...

116 plays