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Boiler Breakdown Boiler Breakdown
Boiler Breakdown

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Published on 20, 2017


We have good news for all the adventure side-scrolling online flash games fans, because we want to present you this brand new addictive to play online flash game called Boiler Breakdown. The story is that your boiler of the power generator has failed and your job is to fix the boiler! That’s why you must use all your skills in order to collect all 5 missing parts of it. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because there will be a lot of enemies, hazards and traps on your way. Touch a kettle to freeze them temporarily. Also, avoid the blasts of steam or they'll drain your energy, too. Good luck!

FOG Golf is a 9 and 18 hole Golf Simulation Game. You can choose to play 9 levels or 18 levels. The aim is to complete each course or level with the least number of shots. You can select the type of club you'd like to use from the top menu or you can...

FOG Golf
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Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a helicopter pilot? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game called Heli Racer is really for you. Your objective is to fly as fast as you can in order to be the first on the finish line. ...

Heli Racer
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Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as the most famous art thief? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game is really for you. In this game you are the “Specter”! Corporate raider by day, art thief by night! Also, you will...

Art Thief
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Duck Tub Battle will greatly testify your fighting skills. Try to survive in this ultimate shooter and prevail. Start it straight away!...

Duck Tub Battle
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This is the sequel of a well-known Duck Dodgers game. Use your skills to defeat all the robo-enemies and pass all the levels!...

Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 5
124 plays

Yabadu Run is one more amazing endless run flash game. This time your task is to run through the Stone Age area in order to collect food for your family. Be careful, because there are a lot of obstacles and dangerous traps on your way. So, you must u...

Yabadu Run
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Oh, no! The monsters and the angry bees are approaching your house! Your task is to defend it and defeat these evil creatures. This time you will fight not with the help of weapon, but with the help of your brains. In order to blow all the enemies up...

Battle Math
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Wave Lucha is the world famous online never ending running flash game for two players. Only this game can give a lot of pleasure while playing it with your best friend. Prepare yourself for amazing adventure and real competition. Your task is to clim...

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