Christmas Maze Matching

Christmas Maze Matching

Elegant Puzzles Book

Elegant Puzzles Book
Board Puzzles 2015 Board Puzzles 2015
Board Puzzles 2015

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Published on 18, 2017


Do you like the 3 match online flash games? If your answer is yes, then our Board Puzzles 2015 game is really for you! Your objective is the same as in any other 3 match online flash game. Use your mouse to match a group of at least three blocks in order to remove them from the game board. Pay attention to the fact that there will be 2 block generator, which add blocks on their respected column or row, depending upon the positioning of generators. Some levels have horizontal boards and some have vertical boards. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because the level will get harder and harder. If this new addition creates a matching group, it will be removed and score will be awarded. Notice that your time is limited, so you must use all your skills in order to finish the level before it runs out! Good luck!

This is the fifth part of the exciting online flash game about the true gang. Help Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro to kill all the mercenaries in the deep Amazonian rain forest. Use all your brain skills in order to save three friends. Have fun!...

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It just feels like the sort of thing ripe for the flashy, chaotic feel of classic arcade cabinet games, and if more of the levels had embraced that with the Tesla towers and explosion launchers, it would have been a magnificent thing to be hold. As i...

Xonix 3D 2
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One more amazing and captivating game is coming! Meet Ship Loader! In this game you have to load your ship with boxes. Mind that there are boxes of different weight and you need to demonstrate all your skills to cope with them. This game is played wi...

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Hexalin is an exciting online flash game for people, who really like Chemistry. Your task is to connect different elements on the game field. Have a great time! ...

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For many a year, the hatred has been growing in the dark hearts of stick giants and finally, they unleash it against the King. The foul creatures wish to invade the kingdom. You have to stop them! Kill as many hostiles as you can, and get rid of the ...

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If you like games based on the motives of the WW2, than you should pay your attention to Rail Of War. You have a very important task – to get the weapons that are carried by a train to their point of destination. Without them, your army will lose t...

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Your aim is to avoid hitting any obstacles while you are running on ceilings and walls. Due to the reverse gravity this auto-runner is a great fun!...

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Play the amazing and cool Dummy Crusher 2 online game and take part in the dummy destruction competitions! Create various ways of getting rid of these dummies! You can drop a safe, the Grim Reaper and even use TNT! The viewers are waiting for the ama...

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