Battle Over Berlin 2

Battle Over Berlin 2

Sim Air Traffic

Sim Air Traffic
Bimmin Bimmin

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Published on 21, 2018


Side-scrolling running hits a new chapter! Being chased by a ferocious tyrannosaurus, you'll be running for your life! Each attempt brings a new random map to run. Your only control is to jump with the space, and run as far as you can, scoring as many points that you can accumulate. What's your furthest distance, and will you become dino-dinner?


Develop your own personal strategy to play effectually and impressively. Have fun!...

Belize Beauties
252 plays

Try to act quickly, smartly and effectively. This game is similar to snake puzzle. Move the ball to the number, which would tell you where to go next. Don’t forget that there is no way back, only forward....

444 plays

Balloony is a ridiculous online shooting flash game, in which you must use all your shooting skills. The story is that you are flying on the big hot air balloon and you have a powerful gun with you. Your task is to shoot down everything you see in th...

466 plays

We have good news for all the puzzle based online flash games! We are glad to present you our brand new fun and addictive to play online flash game called Crazy Link Fun! In this game you must use your entire puzzle solving skills in order to pass al...

Crazy Link Fun
279 plays

Skullhunter is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your task is to kill skeletons. So use your huge bow and rturn all the skeletons to a pile of bones. Try to choose right angle and power in order to finish level in one shot. Good luck!...

547 plays

This is the next part of the funny Pou online flash games series. This time Pou has lost in the jungle. And now your task is to collect all the fruits on your way home. Be careful, a lot of enemies are trying to stop you. So, use all your skills in o...

Pou in Jungle
377 plays

Medieval Puzzle Memory is an amazing online flash game, in which you can test your memory skills. Your task is to find two similar images and then match them. Pay attention to the fact that you can flip the picture only two times, so you must remembe...

Medieval Puzzle Memory
199 plays

In this captivating game, your objective is to deliver the goods to the point of destination. You are on a train and you are its conductor. You will have to go over the steep hills and high bridges. Weather and time have done sufficient damage to the...

Viaduct Designer
286 plays