Battle Over Berlin 2

Battle Over Berlin 2

Sim Air Traffic

Sim Air Traffic
Bimmin Bimmin

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Published on 23, 2019


Side-scrolling running hits a new chapter! Being chased by a ferocious tyrannosaurus, you'll be running for your life! Each attempt brings a new random map to run. Your only control is to jump with the space, and run as far as you can, scoring as many points that you can accumulate. What's your furthest distance, and will you become dino-dinner?


In Bighero6 Robot Kindom Adventure you get an opportunity to become a global hero and to save the whole planet from the evil robots. Scientists have created these robots to demonstrate all the advantages of the progress, but the catastrophe has happe...

Bighero6 Robot Kindom Adventure
2068 plays

A funny game, in which you have to drive poop on your truck to the damp. With every level the number of poop you need to deliver grows. Drive carefully to not lose all the poop. Enjoy the game!...

Poo Dumper
1553 plays

Another fascinating puzzle game, which would surely get your attraction, is Race Cars 2 Kids Puzzle. Here you will enjoy two modes – sliding and jigsaw. Enjoying the sliding mode, you will move one tile at a time. The second mode has four levels of...

Race Cars 2 Kids Puzzle
565 plays

The sequel of the famous and popular all over the world puzzle game is coming! Clickazoid 2 has even more challenging levels and dynamic tasks. Your objective is to combine shapes if the same type. The bigger the shapes are, the more points you get. ...

Clickazoid 2
1714 plays

In the year 2008, there has been activated the largest accelerator in the world – the LHC at CERN’s physics laboratory in Switzerland. This has given a significant push for development of knowledge. Through this invention, it has become possible ...

1001 plays

Seized Flies it's a coo shooting game. Your beautiful shit was eaten by flies,hurry up to kill them and get your shit back! Flies are really annoying as they eat shits and hum around everywhere! Now you have a cannon which allows you to catch those f...

Seized Flies
438 plays

This is another amazing game of soccer. Take part in different matches and win all of your rivals. Start the game right now!...

Ghost Soccer
391 plays

Rage Truck 2 is a racing game. Great game for great players. Enjoy this game where you drive a powerful SUV car with which you can destroy everything in its path. Pay attention to scroll without tipping the truck. Crush cars and run over anyone who g...

Rage Truck 2
1499 plays