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Safari Park Apeldoorn

Road Trip

Road Trip
Beetle Buggin Beetle Buggin
Beetle Buggin

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Published on 19, 2019


Do you know the world famous car called VW Beetle? If your answer is yes, then you will for sure try our exciting driving online flash game called Beetle Buggin. Your objective in this game is to drive your tiny Beetle over a maze of ramps and books on a desk, and pick up all nine pieces of photo paper before the time runs out. You can see the number of photos you have collected at the bottom of the play screen. You will finish the level after you reach the loading zone again. Drive carefully when you are on the ramps as you can fall quite easily. Enjoy the game!

Welcome another creation of computer games, which will finely entertain you. Here, you will receive a novel weapon known a Gravity Cannon. Besides, you will get some other guns. You only have to use them properly. Enjoy it!...

697 plays

Develop your own personal strategy to play effectually and impressively. Have fun!...

Belize Beauties
922 plays

The Lardener is a ridiculous RPG online flash game, in which you play a role of a fat guy. This is an exciting online flash game, which includes a lot of various mini-games. You must move around in your house and earn money by playing games on your c...

The Lardener
2074 plays

Meet this great online game and start playing it. It is an awesome pinball game, which is so bright and attractive. Earn points making your way round the computer circuit board. You will be able to obtain more points by hitting the flashing targets. ...

304 plays

Once again you can kill some time with the addictive Color World! It might seem simple at first, but you'll find yourself soon wondering how to get to the next level! Make the colour of the boxes match that of the character inside them using the fluf...

Color World Origins
2194 plays

It is unbelievable, but zombies can be good too! Aid your merry zombie pals and drive them safely on your tractor....

Zombies Rescue
372 plays

As it often happens in fairy tales, a handsome prince has been turned into an ugly frog. Your task is to help him and return him to his previous state. Nevertheless, the evil witch is very wicked and she has also cast a spell upon the princess, who i...

the cursed prince of frog
1659 plays

In this game, your objective is to kick Justin the Beaver to its beaver dwelling. You will face multiple impediments while flying. Don’t forget about using power-ups that will greatly aid you. You can also purchase some improvements after every fli...

Kick Justin Beaver
295 plays