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Sky Chopper
Battle For Gondor Battle For Gondor
Battle For Gondor

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Published on 24, 2019


Tug of War gets a face lift with Battle for Gondor! Control your hero with the keyboard, while sending troops into battle with the money you've earned. The attacks are simple, and there are multiple classes to choose from for your team to become. Can you make it to the end and reclaim the land for your people!?


What an amazing sequel! The next part of the Sushi Shotdown series from www.brightestgames.com is here! You play a sushi-man, whose works at the sushi restaurant. One day the evil monsters and zombies come to his city and he has to leave his job to p...

228 plays

Gods Garden Defense is a brand new exciting tower defense online flash game. The Story is that demons have stolen the keys from the Heaven and Saint Peter cannot open it. So the problem is that thousands of demons try to reach God and defeat him. So,...

Gods Garden Defense
899 plays

Shoot the incoming waves of zombies. Watch out for ones that jump towards you fast. ...

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
882 plays

We Are Pirates is an amazing online flash game, which is full of pirates` spirit. In this game your objective is to build your career in the exciting pirate crew. Use all your strategical and fighting skills in order to capture islands and kill enemi...

We Are Pirates
1084 plays

We are glad to present the brand new second part of the famous online flash game called Ray Part. As in the previous part in this game only you can make the decisions on how the story plays out. Use all your skills in order to get more score points i...

Ray Part 2
457 plays

Orchestrated Death 2 is a breathtaking point and click adventure online game, in which death come back to make more and more lives. Your objective is to get your victims using different methids and ways. Mostle, there are several variants of complet...

Orchestrated Death 2
1195 plays

Planet Juicer is a brand new amazing online flash game, which is made in the Plants vs Zombies style. The story is that you play a role of an alien and your task is to conquer the entire planet in Solar System. Your mission is simple; protect the dri...

Planet Juicer
743 plays

Virtual Cop is a brand new shooter online flash game, in which you can try your shooting skills. You play as a policeman and your task is to stop the bank robbery. Pay attention to the fact that robbers are well equipped and they will try to kill you...

Virtual Cop
1107 plays