Treasure Cannon

Treasure Cannon


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Bar Balance

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Published on Nov 19, 2017


Balance as many crates crates as you can on the bar in the short time given you! Dropping the crates on the edges will greatly increase your score, but be careful! The bar will start leaning one way and the other as weight accumulates on its sides, and as soon as a crate drop it's game over! Will you play it safe or go for the highest score possible?


Meet the continuation of a famous and poplar game! The famous Cleopatra will reveal to you all her secrets and mysterious knowledge. Isn’t that great? Take this advantage! Playing this game, your main goal is to find all the treasures of Cleopatra....

Ancient Jewels 3
211 plays

Welcome a great arkanoid game! There are blocks in each level. Playing Adrenoid you are bouncing back to paddle and break them all. As soon as you succeed in breaking all blocks, you will be taken to another, more serious, difficult and definitely to...

201 plays

FOG Golf is a 9 and 18 hole Golf Simulation Game. You can choose to play 9 levels or 18 levels. The aim is to complete each course or level with the least number of shots. You can select the type of club you'd like to use from the top menu or you can...

FOG Golf
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The Mysterious Planet may have new energy sources. No one knows where they exactly are. Goku gets the task to go there and find those sources. Yet, his mission is plain and clear only at first sight. The Mysterious Planet is the home place of enemies...

DragonBall Mysterious Planet
165 plays

Miraculous Ladybug Clean is a brand new famous online flash game, which is a great time-killer for those, who like when everything is clean. You play a role of a Ladybug and the story is that you have had a dinner with your friend on your kitchen. An...

Miraculous Ladybug Clean
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Battle Snake is the sequel of the famous online flash game called Snake. As usual, you must collect food and grow. Try to avoid various obstacles. Have fun! ...

Battle Snake
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Good tidings for all adorers of puzzles, as here is another representative of this sort. Use your mouse and put all the pieces in the correct order. If you wish to select many pieces at once, use Ctrl Left Click. There four difficulties – easy, med...

Djokovic Puzzle
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Do you like to play the famous card game called Solitaire? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Freecell Solitaire gives you a great opportunity to play your favorite game on your computer. Your objective is the same as in the cla...

Freecell Solitaire
257 plays