Ninja Turtle Major Combat 2

Ninja Turtle Major Combat 2

Gun Bot

Gun Bot
Bactemic Bactemic

Published on Dec 11, 2017


Bactemic is a skill-based online flash game, in which your task is to destroy the world with a new disaster. You have only to infect, upgrade and re-Infect! Enjoy the game!

Clash of Goblins is a brand new amazing shooter flash game. Use all your aiming and shooting skills in order to kill thousands of monsters one by one. Pay attention to the fact that you will earn money for every killed enemy, which you can spend in t...

Clash of Goblins
192 plays

Try this amazing online flash game, which is full of mysteries and ninja spirit. Your task is to pass a maze with various hidden traps. Be careful, because danger is waiting for you everywhere. Swing through randomly generated laboratories to set a n...

190 plays

Haters War is a brand new and amazing shooting online game! Choose your favourite chracter and get rid of all the enemies! You can select weapons and later upgrade them. Use W A S D buttons to move, your mouse to aim and shoot, Q to change weapons, E...

157 plays

What a funny and ridiculous game! You play a role of the statue with a rifle. Get the revenge on the flying demons, the birds, who are contantly pooing on you and other ancient statues. Kill birds and earn money! Remember to upgrade your statue and w...

Damn Birds 2
166 plays

Protect your home base from parents, hooligans and villains in this incredible TD....

Armor Defence
190 plays

Save the world from these ugly and annoying bugs. Keep on clicking and don't stop until all the bugs are killed!...

Alien Terminator
319 plays

Ammo Ambush 2 is an Addicting Shooting Game. You are stuck deep behind enemy lines with only your trusty sniper rifle and a whole lot of bullets! Go into sniper mode to take out foes at a distance, or get up close and personal with some well placed r...

Ammo Ambush 2
134 plays

Try out our brand new Dragon Marble Blast game! In this colourful and juicy game you have to help the dragon to get rid of all the balls. You need to shoot a line of three or more balls of the same colour. There are some cool bonuses for you, which w...

Dragon Marble Blast
184 plays