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Published on Dec 11, 2018


Arm of Revenge is a side scrolling fighting game,with excellent graphics, it's time to sharpen up your fighting skills. You've been wronged in the past but now you're out to seek your vengeance, all the while upgrading your fighting skills and achieving bonus exp. It is a long journey, go ahead and unleash spectacular combo's upon your enemies and other objects.


Do you remember the famous online flash game called Heaven and Hell, in which you have a chance to take part in the endless war between Good and Evil? If your answer is yes, then we are glad to present the second part of it. First, select your team ...

Heaven or Hell 2
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Headcrab Invasion is a ridiculous online flash game. You play as a zombie and your task is to suck heads and kill. Also, you can steal money. Try to eat as much brains as possible. Have fun! ...

Headcrab Invasion
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Marksmen Hunter is a brand new online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a real sniper. Shoot all the marksmen in order to unlock the next level. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press spacebar for scope. Good luck! ...

Marksmen Hunter
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Blockbuster is a brand new funny online flash game, which is very simple but exciting to play. This game is very similar to the famous online flash game called PacMan. The playing field consists of rectangular blocks, activated and non-activated bomb...

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Stickman Sam is a challenging and exciting game, which begins with the basic training level so that you can learn how to play and cope with the weapons. The game is filled with various dangerous enemies, so play hard and get rid of them! You will get...

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Are your ready to show all your braveness and fighting skills? The Evil Forest gives you a great possibility to do it. You play as a tiny boy and you are the only one, who can kill the entire monsters in the Evil Forest. Use your sword and magic to o...

Evil Forest
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The continuation of the famous game is here for you. You have already killed Marco. Now, go to Iraq and find Saddam Hussein. We wish you good luck!...

Metal Slug Rampage 2
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This is the next part of the ridiculous online flash game called The Toy War. This time you must build a Tanyastropus. Pay attention to the fact that it is enormous neck and he has lived more than 232 million years ago. Connect all the part and test ...

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