Notebook Wars

Notebook Wars

Don't Escape 2

Don't Escape 2
Apocalyptic Tower Apocalyptic Tower

Published on Oct 18, 2017


Apocalyptic Tower is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you must show all your braveness and strength. Defend your tower from enemies. Good luck!

Ants are actually very courageous creatures and you will have one under your command. Evil invaders wish to conquer your land and you are to stop them. Improve your ant soldier, use smart strategies and win over them!...

Ants Warriors
178 plays

Fire in the Hole 2 - Take out your enemies as you move upwards. ...

Fire in the Hole 2
123 plays

Hostile soldiers are hiding in the rocky mountains. Your objective is take them out of there and to get rid of all the enemies. This task is right for you, because you have a bazooka. All you need is to select bazooka bullet, direct your bazooka, arr...

Bazooka Battle
143 plays

Help Robby the Railway Robot reach his lovely robo-girlfriend Roberta! Aide him by switching and rotating part of the railway, while accumulating as many points as you can to raise your score! But be wary of the evil robotic policemen that will try t...

The Railway Robot's Road Trip
119 plays

Meet our brand new Tempala flash game with cool graphics and awesome story. Your play as a hunter, who chases his animal and reaches the Aztec pyramid. This pyramid is full of mystics and your task is to run as fast as possible through the maze. Coll...

164 plays

Fear Zone is a brand new online flash game, in which you can test all your skills. The story is that there are few survivals after the zombie apocalypse and your task is to help them to reach a safe place. To do it, you must kill zombies one by one a...

Fear Zone
181 plays

Meet a captivating and amazing D Slide game developed by! Your objective to get the coin thingie to the place of destination. To make this happen and to solve the puzzle, you need to move the blocks and form a tunnel for the coin. When ...

D Slide
134 plays

Do you know how difficult it is to control heavy traffic? If your answer is no, then you must for sure try this brand new online flash game. The problem is that it is a Christmas Eve and now everybody is in a hurry. So, your objective is to control t...

Christmas Traffic
139 plays