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Animal Wars Animal Wars
Animal Wars

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Published on 24, 2019


Animal Wars - Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poopy gorillas wage war against each other. Battle across America, my friends!

Wonderful news for sudoku fans! Sudoku Sushi is an amazing game with incredible graphics. Your task is to place the falling sushi according to the sudoku rules. Try to make as many rows, columns and combinations as possible. By the way, you can choos...

Sudoku Sushi
1033 plays

The Christmas world can be ruined by enemies. Are there any brave ones to protect it? Be the world- and life-saver! Control a little creature to save the Christmas world. There’s the risk involved… Aren’t you aware? You know, world’s peace a...

Mr. Splibox the Christmas Story
1490 plays

Try this second part of the famous bloody online flash game called Fuzzy McFluffenstein. Your task as in previous part is to turn furry things into messy, red pools. Enjoy the game! ...

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2
344 plays

I am sure that everybody had played the famous online flash game called Tetris while he was a child. And now we are glad to present the brand new version of it. As in the old Tetris, you are supposed to arrange the horizontal lines with the falling b...

Tetris Ultima
849 plays

Do you like milshakes? Have your ever tried to cook them at home? If your answers are yes, then you will succeed in the astonishing Quest for Milkshake game! Your task is to help the green funny monster, whose name is Snuckers. Snuckers is making a c...

Quest for Milkshake
1189 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous adventure online flash game from Jamal series. As in the previous parts you play a role of Jamal and your objective is to go to the forest and collect as much vegetarian food as you can. Creature...

Jamal And The Wasp Bunker
1014 plays

Your favourite game Run Ninja Run is back! A new version is even more breathtaking and captivating! Use all your skills and reflexes to complete the tasks. You can feel yourself in the role of a real ninja, who fights with evil and dangerous enemies....

Run Ninja Run - Unexpected Road
1154 plays

Robin Hood takes up a new mantle, and becomes a mercenary. With over 10 levels to explore, you'll be given a task for each level. It must be completed in order to leave! Each shot will take away 10 points from your score. You have 5 hits before you d...

Robin the Mercenary
728 plays