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United Goal 2

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Candy Match
Aliens Kidnapped Betty Aliens Kidnapped Betty
Aliens Kidnapped Betty

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Published on 16, 2017


Try our brand new amazing platform based online flash game called Aliens Kidnapped Betty. In this one-button game you play a role of a man and your objective is to save your wife, who has been kidnapped by the aliens. And it means that you must press left button in order to jump from one platform to another as well as over various traps. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you fall down or get into a trap. You will pass the level only after you have reached the exit doors. Good luck!

Bricks Breaking Dutch is an exciting challenging puzzle online flash game, in which your task is to clear the game board from the bricks. Your task is to click on the same colored bricks to make them disappear. Pay attention to the fact that you can ...

Bricks Breaking Dutch
97 plays

The teachers are often so annoying and they can make almost everyone mad. You are not an exception! You are among those, who hate your awful teacher. The moment of fate has come! Show your teacher, who is the boss in the classroom. By the way, you ar...

Classroom Fighter
119 plays

Wonderful news for the David Copperfield fans! Now you can try yourself in the role of a magician in the addicitve and exciting The Pretender part one! Your magic is really cool and you can even make people disappear! The powers of Earth and Air will...

110 plays

Experience real life shooting in the first person with amazing shooting flash game! Walk around this mysterious house and shoot everybody, who stands on your way. The house is full of little, but angry boys, who want to kill you. Do your best to surv...

First Person Shooter In Real Life 3 Game
127 plays

Try this brand new second part of the beloved online flash game called Vortex Point. As in the previous part, you play as a paranormal investigator. This time you will investigate strange disappearance of the boy. The story is that he has been taking...

Vortex Point 2
117 plays

The next sequel of the amazing and popular Sonic online game is coming! In the adventure puzzle-based Sonic Super Escape online game your task is to move the tiles and to make the path to the palace. Sonic has to get there avoiding the enemies. Be al...

Sonic Super Escape
99 plays

Try to manage rocket strikes! In this game, your objective is to support the leaders of elite forces to overcome the terrorist around the world. Are you ready for a great challenge? Then start it now!...

101 plays

Your task in this exciting online flash game is to find the similar image in the mirror of the Scooby Doo. Pay attention to the details to do it right and fast. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because with every level the game becomes har...

Scooby Doo - Mirror Match
121 plays