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21 Balloons

Gung Ho Pirates

Gung Ho Pirates
Alien Planet Escape Alien Planet Escape
Alien Planet Escape

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Published on 22, 2018


The spaceman have landed on an alien planet and he is on mission to collect samples from the planet. Help spaceman collect the samples and get to the base safely. Use the truck gun power to defeat all the monsters and use shield to protect from meteor attack. Use the coins collected to upgrade truck power and protection. Get back to the base without running out of gas and life.


Your task here is to help the ninja in preparing novel ninjas. Gather all the stars, show the best time in trials and enjoy it at full. You will face 30 levels of difficulty. This all will not leave you indifferent. You will spend your time with real...

I am the Ninja
414 plays

Nobody will get surprised with the classical pong game, but with the Sea Pong online game you will! This game contains some amazing extra features. You will play as an octopus, who has a competition with another octopus. Your main goal is to make the...

Sea Pong
209 plays

Angel of Freedom is an exciting puzzle based online flash game. The problem is that one day aliens have come to our planet and stole all the animals. And as you understandm the humanity is very sad with no animals. Also, the cycle on the earth has in...

Angel of Freedom
299 plays

Dual Color Fairy is a brand new funny online flash game, in which you must use your entire puzzle solving skills. Your task is to control two dinosaurs at once and reach a cave as fast as possible. Enjoy the game! ...

dual color fairy
336 plays

Dark Melt is a ridiculous strategy online flash game, in which you play a role of eskimo and your objective is to reach the other side of the river. The problem is that the ice has begun to melt. So, you must use all your skills in order to complete ...

Dark Melt
445 plays

From Dark is an exciting brand new flash game. Your task is to help Spark to escape from dangerous wetlands. Do your best to return home safely. Have fun!...

From the Dark
226 plays

Atomic Puzzle is a brand new exciting puzzle online flash game. Your task is to eliminate all the atomic clicking at chains, which connect almost three the same colored atomic. You have to destroy all the chains. You will lose, if even one of them re...

359 plays

Infantable Bastards is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you play as an youthful drop-out. The story is that you have escaped from school and now your tasks is to find the way back. Complete various quests in order to pass the game. If you lik...

Inflatable Basterds
284 plays