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Love Match 2015

Hunger Hunter

Hunger Hunter
Alien Lander Alien Lander
Alien Lander

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Published on Oct 13, 2018


Alien Lander is a brand new online flash game, which differs from usual parking online flash games, because this time your task is to land a real alien spaceship. You aim is to select the appropriate speed for landing and land on the predefined place. Have fun!

Try our brand new online flash game called Droid Hunter. This game is very addcitive to play and I am sure that you will play it until you pass all the levels. The story is that droid are terrorizing the city and you are the only one, who can destroy...

Droid Hunter
331 plays

The whole Earth is watching your mission of saving astronauts! The people consider you to be a new hero of your era! Don't let their expectations down and help lost astraunants to get back home. Follow the guide line not to lose your way. Do everythi...

Space Saver
398 plays

Super Xalaxer is a famous old school online flash game, in which you must control two spaceships at once. You can choose between several game modes such as Arcade mode and High-score mode. In the arcade mode you must kill the certain amount of enemie...

Super Xalaxer
379 plays

This is a brand new amazing online flash game called Go Ahead Baby Rabbit. In this game your task is to help the rabbit with its difficult mission. Try to lead her home through hundreds of dangerous obstacles. Be careful, she will die, if she hits an...

Go Ahead Baby Rabbit
349 plays

In our brand new online flash game called Xpeed Unleashed you have a great opportunity to take part in the famous intergalactic racing. Your objective is to drive your spaceship as fast as you can to the finish. Do your best in order to defeat all th...

XPEED Unleashed
210 plays

Pilots have quite a lot of tasks! They have not only to drive the plane, transport people and deliver goods. Their responsibilities also include parking the planes after they have landed. In the challenging and exciting Jumbo Jet Parking your task is...

Jumbo Jet Parking
222 plays

Try our brand new ridiculous online flash game, in which your objective is to control the funny turtle with a jet pack on its back. You must use all your skills in order tom help the turtle reach the spaceship. The problem is that there will be a lot...

Turtle Flight
419 plays

Heli Attack throwback! This is the first generation of the beloved Heli Attack series. Using the arrow keys to move and jump, shoot down the attacking helicopter with the mouse. There's nowhere to hide, so you'll have to dodge the incoming bullets co...

Heli Attack
337 plays