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War Games
A.L.I.A.S 3 A.L.I.A.S 3

Published on 24, 2017


An action packed Shooting Game. A.L.I.A.S the little robot is out to get revenge from the humans for what they did to him. A nearby military base is his target. Help him battle his way through the army base and blast all the soldiers and obstacles. Each kill restores a bit of health (power-ups help for that, too).


Leading Edge is one more shooting online flash game, which is made in the Stickman style. Your objective in this game is to use all your aiming and shooting skills in order to kill all the enemies one by one. Upgrade your favorite weapons or health a...

Leading Edge
148 plays

Super Bobby World is a brand new 8-bit online flash game, which is very similar to the famous Super Marion game. Your objective in this game is to explore the maze and collect all the coins on your way. The coins are something like a colored circle w...

Super Bobby World
81 plays

Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a real pilot? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game called Tiny Airships is really for you. I am sure that you will play this game for hours. Pay attention to the fact that you can cho...

Tiny Airships
143 plays

Oh, no! A terrible thing has happened! Wolly has stolen your favourite and beloved bowler cap. Start the fight and do everything possible to get it back! The game contains 45 challenging level, pass them all! Enjoy the game! ...

Elephant Quest
138 plays

This is the third part of the world famous online flash game called Wake Up The Box. Your task as usual is to make up the box. Find and create various ways of completing the task by using different objects. Use your mouse to play the game. Have fun!...

108 plays

Save My Dog is a brand new online flash game, in which you have a great possibility to try yourself as a real rescue man. Your aim is to safe a cute puppy Sophie, which has stuck on another part of the river. So, use all your skills in order to save ...

Save My Dog
104 plays

Randy is free from prison, and he's back to his villainous deeds, becoming a top dog of the criminal underworld. But his position is jeopardised when a bunch of thugs break into his headquarters and try to take him down. Help Randy escape their clutc...

Randy's Empire
158 plays

This time a character deals with parking, illegal one. All vehicles should be towed not to cause accidents as well as other problems. He is driving around the city and finds the cars that match this description. Attach yourself to one of them. Tow it...

The Towing Mission
106 plays