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Kingdom Reaction

Kingdom Reaction
Abutu The Hunter Abutu The Hunter
Abutu The Hunter

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Published on Nov 17, 2017


You are a trained female hunter in South Africa. Bold with a shotgun and unlimited rounds of ammunition. Show your bird hunting skills by helping Abutu shoot down as many birds as you can. Are you ready? Let's put your gun skills to the test now. Shoot down as many birds as you can in the given time.


It is unbelievable, but the war against zombies can take place even on paper! In this funny action game, your main task is as usually to destroy all the evil undead. They will be pushing on you from all the directions. Get ready for a serious struggl...

Zombie War on Paper
160 plays

Bubble Shooter is a brand new exciting online flash game, in which you must use all your aiming and shooting skills. I am sure that you will like the design of this game, because it is made in the Christmas style. Your objective is to control the can...

Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel
122 plays

Hazmat Attack is a brand new amazing online shooter. In this game you play as a brave special soldier. This game gives you a great possibility to test your shooting skills. Take your sub-machine gun and kill all the enemies one by one. Be fast, try t...

Hazmat Attack
381 plays

Shooter Max - Shoot the enemies down. ...

Shooter Max
168 plays

Your objective is to survive. You can do that only with the help of your base. Therefore, protect it as you can. Do Lone Ops under different weather conditions and destroy all the opponents. Put to use special attacks and improve your artillery. Enjo...

186 plays

Mauled Zero is an exciting tower defense online flash game, in which you must sue all your skills in order to pass all 11 levels, kill 21 type of enemies and even 1 the most powerful boss in the final level. You can build 4 various towers, which have...

Mauled Zero
151 plays

Tremor Hatch is a funny physics based online flash game. Your task is to break the egg shell. You can do it by falling from high places or by making objects fall on the egg. Use your gun in order to cut ropes or repel objects. Have fun with the Tremo...

Tremor Hatch
147 plays

Boom Pirates is a captivating online flash game full of different challenging tasks. Your objective is to plant bombs near the pirates and blast them from the islands. Pay attention that number of bombs is limited in every level. You can also switch ...

Boom Pirates
169 plays