Save The King

Save The King

Escape to purlieu

Escape to purlieu
Abandoned Mayan Forest Escape Abandoned Mayan Forest Escape
Abandoned Mayan Forest Escape

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Published on Nov 21, 2017


Abandoned Mayan Forest Escape is a brand new amazing point and click online flash game from the famous developers called The story is that you were walking to your work through the mayan forest but suddenly you realized that somebody had trapped you. And as you have understood, your objective is to use all you brain skills in order to escape from it. Pay attention to the fact that nobody will help you. Do your best in order to find all the objects and hints in order to get extra help. Good luck!

Good news for puzzle fans! In this game your task is to create a photo of this wonderful Bentley Arnage. There are two modes in this game. One of them is jigsaw mjode, another one is sliding. In jigsaw your task is to create a photo from various piec...

Bentley Arnage Puzzle
145 plays

An amazing brand new online flash game is coming! Meet an exciting game with the popular and beloved character Moby Dick! Your main goal is destroy the boats of the sea hunters. Eat their crew to earn points. Then, spend your points on various import...

Moby Dick 2
164 plays

Jessicas School is a funny adventure online flash game. This game is developed in the point and click style and you must help Jessica to solve different puzzles in the school. Have fun!...

135 plays

Oh, no! A bad and cruel thing has happened! A poor turtle was stolen by some thieves. It was taken to the unknown island and kept there as a real slave! In Rescuing Giant Turrtle game your task is to save this poor creature. Help it to find its way o...

Rescuing Giant Turtle
185 plays

While enemies are carrying out a plan to attack your base and the troops are getting nearer, you are to upgrade your weapon and do your best to defeat tanks and soldiers! Battle day and night, use the scope and repair the base. Succeed in protecting ...

Battlefield Shooter 2
293 plays

Doodle Devil and Doodle God are the ones, who keep balance in the world. In this extremely exciting game you will have to assist Doodle Devil in destroying the Universe! Fight Doodle God and prove that you are the most powerful! Try to combine elemen...

191 plays

Do you like detective stories? Do you think that you can become a fine investigator? Try this game and try to find out all the circumstances of a crime. Become Sherlock Holmes of your time and use the power of your intellect at full. Have fun and ama...

Murder on the Set
175 plays

Toilet Quest is one of the funniest games ever! Your task is really ridiculous! You have to run into the toilet and relieve yourself. First, you need to find the toilet paper and do various tasks to get it. Be quick, because the time is limited! Hurr...

Toilet Quest
169 plays