Pure Match 3 Game

Pure Match 3 Game

Drivin Donuts

Drivin Donuts
8 bit dash 8 bit dash
8 bit dash

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865 Plays

Published on Dec 14, 2018


8 bit style arcade runner with two player modes. Run and dash!


Undeadified X is a brand new amazing online shooter flash game. The problem is that there is a lot of living dead that have been identified by Dr. Zombula`s balloon maker. And your task is to destroy all of them. Use all your shooting skills to succe...

Undeadified X
860 plays

Balloony is a ridiculous online shooting flash game, in which you must use all your shooting skills. The story is that you are flying on the big hot air balloon and you have a powerful gun with you. Your task is to shoot down everything you see in th...

926 plays

Wow! You are in really serious troubles. You are caught up in a room, which slowly gets filled with lava! You have to reach the switcher to turn it off. Pass 25 intensive stages and stop lava in every room. Have luck and faith in you!...

The Floor Is Lava
178 plays

Your task is to help a little firefly make him dreams come true! He is deep in love with a star in the sky. Assist him in three levels and see how he will trasform into a real spaceship. Overcome hardships, fight with enemies and pass the whole dista...

Crazy Dream
1664 plays

A lot of city motorists are ignoring the traffic rules and having a great fun, but one day a little girl, who is riding her cute bicycle, get into an accident. Use arrows or WASD buttons to move and spacebar to toss footwear. Press R to enable/disabl...

823 plays

PUSH3M is an easy but exciting sliding block online game. Your objective is to cover all the empty areas with a square. Push them in order to make them move! Click a square to select it, then click a direction to move it. All outlined areas must be o...

1283 plays

Unfortunately, the streets of this city are badly damaged. Fortunately, it has you to repair them. Drive a bobcat and park it utterly careful. Get the required materials for repairing works and deliver them to the damaged areas. Be watchful with traf...

Bobcat Parking
1276 plays

Nice news for all who adore board games, as here is a classical one called Car Connect Challenge. Here, you have to connect two identical items to clear them off the board. The rules are quite simple – connect the items in a line in not more than 2...

Car Connect Challenge
646 plays