King of Fighters Wing V1.2

King of Fighters Wing V1.2

Close Quarter Combat

Close Quarter Combat
5 Minutes To Kill Yourself - Wedding Day 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself - Wedding Day
5 Minutes To Kill Yourself - Wedding Day

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Published on 12, 2017


It's your wedding day, and you have 5 minutes to kill yourself. Think you can pull it off?

War has begun! Take your soldier onto the battlefield and provide him the training necessary. In this first installment, you are pitted against 3 opponents using paintball guns to learn the art of warfare. Strafing behind crates provide excellent cov...

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Try your leader skills in our brand new strategy online flash game called Hut War Strategy. In this game you must control your own army and destroy enemy as fast as possible. The controls are very simple in this game: you must use your mouse only. Cl...

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a soldier of the USA Army? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Sergeant O`Melly. In this game you have a great possibility to take part in the dangerous bloody battles. Use...

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We have good news for all the Strategy Defense online flash game fans. Try this brand new 3.5 version of your beloved game. Your objective is the same as in the previous parts. It means that you must send the right units to the enemy base to try and ...

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The evil demons are wishing to steal a magic crystal. Protect this magical relic improving yourself. It is also possible to open novel defenders and spells, which will definitely help you to succeed....

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Meet a captivating and breathtaking Infectonator 2 online game! This is the sequel of the super series, which attract fans from all over the world. In the game you get the opportunity and power to infect the continent. Have a great fun!...

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Try this fine continuation and try to win. There will be a lot of fighting and shooting again. Are you happy with that? Reimu will be by your side this time. Using the down arrow key, you always can call her to your aid. Try to secure Reimu, for she ...

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Become a national hero and save this awesome land with its countless islands from the nature in the Royal Invoya online game! Become a chief city planner of these islands and construct building and homes for the citizens. Get to the top and victory w...

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