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360 Breakout

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Published on 22, 2017


360 Breakout is a brand new virtual version of an old school arcade flash game. This update has more exciting graphics and more levels to play. Pay attention to the fact that every next level will be harder than the previous one. The object of this game is to move your pad 360 degrees around the brick area. There are no top, bottom, left or right borders. Notice that there will be a lot of obstacles on your way such as: moving bricks and rotating bouncers. Pick up all the power-ups to make this game funnier. Enjoy the game!

Drag Box 2 is a brand new ridiculous online flash game, in which you must use all your skills. Your task is to reach finish through various mazes. Use your mouse to control and do your best in order to set new highscore! Have fun!...

Drag Box 2 Mobile Version
84 plays

The traffic of a big city is out of control, which leads to an unpleasant mess and lots of problems. The city badly needs your help! Try to stop the chaos on the roads and manage fairly and smartly the traffic that is dashing from all of the directio...

Traffic Mania
253 plays

Christmas Snake is a brand new remake of one of the most popular snake games. This part has a special Christmas décor. So you must try it! Have fun and enjoy the festive atmosphere!...

108 plays

Meet Unreal Biking – extremely funny and challenging game. You will have to ride on your bike in a single lane road. The ride won’t be a simple stroll! You will meet lots of obstacles, which you will have to jump over. By simple clicking, your bi...

Unreal Biking
132 plays

Try our brand new physics-based online flash game called Bombardius! In this game you must use all your imagination and brain skills in order to build clever structures hold off the enemy's mad bombs and save sailors and their ships. Use tour mouse o...

189 plays

This game will be liked by even those players, who do not like math. Select a calculation and do your best to give the correct answer within the shortest terms. For instance, choose the sum of six. Confirm the correct answer clicking on the calculato...

Math Test
124 plays

Try this brand new amazing puzzle online flash game called The Flood: Inception. Your task is to save a man and collect all the gems in each level. Use different objects to clear the path for the character and collect gems. Use all your brain skills ...

The Flood: Inception
104 plays

The Highway is overcrowded with ugly and bloody undead and you have your old, but reliable car. We guess, you have already figured out what you are to do. Yes! Crush them all and get to the checkpoint until it is not too late....

Highway of the dead
6 plays