Fire in the Hole 2

Fire in the Hole 2

Office Rush

Office Rush
3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls 3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls
3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls

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Published on 22, 2018


3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls - Your quest is to find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. It will be a dangerous path with many enemies and obstacles so keep your wits about you... and keep your sword handy.

Train your very own ninja in Ninja trainer. Whomever thinks of following this path must perform many tasks and train very often giving your very best. Starting with dodging falling rocks and using your speed and agility, show your master that you can...

Ninja Trainer
336 plays

In Demonic Defense 4 your kingdom is being attacked by an army of highly equipped tanks and spaceships. Unfortunately the task has fallen on to you to stop their relentless onslaught and defend your castle. Kill all enemies before they reach the gate...

Demonic Defence 4
389 plays

Dont Taze Me Bro is an amazing and utterly entertaining game, which will bring you great pleasure beyond all doubts! Just try it and check that out on your own....

Dont Taze Me Bro
283 plays

Do you remember famous PC game called “Virtual Cop”? If your answer is yes, then you will for sure like our brand new online flash game Stick Shootout. In this 3D flash game your task is to shoot your enemies and items that are flying exactly at ...

Stick Shootout
172 plays

Fruit Nukem is a brand new online flash game with cool graphics and amazing gameplay. Your aim in this game is to save the island from invaders. The problem is that enemies are coming and their number is enormously big. So, you must use all your tact...

Fruit Nukem
346 plays

Battle with Tanks Gone Wild! Destroy all the hostile tanks that are coming or they will defeat you! Choose and enjoy various exciting maps. Spend the points and money you get in the upgrades store. You can increase your fire power, speed, armor and r...

Tanks Gone Wild
324 plays

Robot War Strategy - Send your robots out in waves to defeat the enemey. ...

Robot War Strategy
210 plays

Welcome Luka & Lara Abduction, a funny puzzle adventure. Our heroes have once gone for a walk and suddenly, something has captured them! Your mission is to help the heroes to get them though all obstacles and get back on the Earth. Play this splendid...

Luka and Lara Robo Abduction
8 plays