Kingdom Reaction

Kingdom Reaction

Alien Planet Escape

Alien Planet Escape
21 Balloons 21 Balloons
21 Balloons

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Published on Dec 15, 2018


Catch the flying balloons, but don´t pop them! Fire with mouse and catch the flying balloons to give them to the little bears. Match balloon and bear colors for extra score. Avoid hitting butterflies: They are good! And catch the star balloon for bonus points and the heart balloon for extra lives.


Feel yourself in the role of the little amoeba in the exciting and educating Amoebas online game! You have to eat amoebas of your size and smaller in order to evolve and to become a predatory amoeba. Amoebas that are bigger than you will try to eat y...

756 plays

Meet amazing action-puzzle game Port Pilot. It will be both funny to play and hard to pass. Nevertheless, you will be able to cope with everything, if you only have a wish. There will be lots of boats in your waters in different colors and with diffe...

Port Pilot
351 plays

Driving and racing seems to be a little bit boring sometimes, doesn't it? It is time for drifting! Take your keys and some cash, start the engine and prove that you are the best at drifting! To achieve perfect drifting, just press E button and enjoy ...

Supreme Drifting
260 plays

Cubex is a great time waster online flash game, in which your objective is very simple. You must go through a high speed tunnel and shoot everything what you see. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Have fun! ...

397 plays

Do you remember the best sniper simulator ever? Now we are glad to present you the last part of it. In the Sniper Assasin online game your character’s name is Shawn. Your task is to revenge for Ben`s death. Read your aim carefully try to not harm t...

Sniper Assassin 5
1171 plays

Welcome another uncommon and captivating game! Shoot Mark Zuckerberg to make satisfied all those capitalists who desire to get money. Facebookeria Players Pack is awaiting you! Join in!...

1147 plays

This game you gives you a possibility to try yourself as a thief. You play as a little cute girl that makes this game funnier. You must use all your skills in 20 exciting levels. Pay attention to the fact that they become harder and harder. Don’t t...

Happy Thief
1080 plays

This is the sequel of the world famous online flash game called Save your girlfriend. Evil forces have kidnapped you girlfriend again and your task is to return her back. Destroy all the enemies and become a real hero for your girlfriend. Good luck!...

683 plays