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18 Wheeler Traffic Jam 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam
18 Wheeler Traffic Jam

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Published on Nov 20, 2017


Demonstrate your excellent driving skills in the popular and famous 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam online game! Try yourself in more than 8 challenging levels and be the first among 18 wheelers! You will easily pass some slow drivers, but there are drivers, who will try to crash you! Keep calm and avoid them! Use Up arrow to accelerate, Down arrow for brake and Left and Right arrows to turn. Prove evrybody that you are the best and the fastest driver ever! Good luck!

Supercars Madness is an awesome driving game. It has everything necessary for keeping you interested and active. Your objective is to overcome all 7 opponents. Race them and you will become the champion! Use arrow keys to drive your car. Be the first...

Supercars Madness
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Join a special medical team! The levels and emergency vehicles to be driven are diverse. You’re allowed to select a single one for each level. As levels or vehicles are different, so are the mission types. Firstly, you need to get many coins. Secon...

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One more breathtaking and exciting parking game! This time you have to drive an American bus and park it at the bus stops, which highlighted and marked with stripes. Drive carefully! Avoid crashing into the other cars not to lose the game. If you don...

American Bus
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In this game, your major objective is to get your cargo truck in good conditions to the finish to level up. It is vital to keep your stuff, or you will never become a winner. The keyboard will allow you to control the game....

Kamaz Delivery
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Catch the Killer is an exciting adventure online flash game, in which you can try yourself as a real detective. Your objective is to solve even the most complex murder cases, so you must use all your brain skills. In this game you will have to do var...

Catch The Killer
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Playing this game, you will enjoy an opportunity of driving a huge truck. You will have to accomplish 8 missions of different difficulty. Use this truck at full! You can even destruct a helicopter, if using it correctly. Come on! Great fun is awaitin...

Monster Car Challenge
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A racing game turns into a true adventure. At time it is hard to oppose it! Receive a perfect car to blast the enemies! Win the first position and additional bonuses for neutralizing or destroying all your foes. Every time you reach the defined targe...

Ben 10 Bolt Car Game
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You will become an assistant of a crazy mechanic. You should gain money to purchase objects and throw them into traffic. As you have already understood, you should initiate accidents on the roads. Have fun!...

Goat Mechanic
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