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18 Wheeler Traffic Jam 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam
18 Wheeler Traffic Jam

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Published on 08, 2018


Demonstrate your excellent driving skills in the popular and famous 18 Wheeler Traffic Jam online game! Try yourself in more than 8 challenging levels and be the first among 18 wheelers! You will easily pass some slow drivers, but there are drivers, who will try to crash you! Keep calm and avoid them! Use Up arrow to accelerate, Down arrow for brake and Left and Right arrows to turn. Prove evrybody that you are the best and the fastest driver ever! Good luck!

License For Mayhem is an exciting online flash game, in which you must use all your driving skills in order to pass all the levels. In this game you have a great opportunity to try police car. Start from various starting positions on each level until...

License For Mayhem
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In this fascinating parking game, you will be capable to fire from your car to eliminate the impediments. However, do not harm other cars. Entertain!...

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Wheels and Zombies is an easy but cool online game, in which you will have to compete with zombies. Race and fight with them in order to win the game! Do your best to earn points! Collect and spend them on various upgrades for your car! Have fun! ...

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Drive and drift is a brand new online flash game. At first, your car is not very fast and it is hard to handle. If you master its power and handling, the real fun will begin. Don’t forget to pick up different power-ups in order to set best lap time...

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Take part in the challenging and exciting racing competition together with the brand new Awesome Racer online game! Speed up anв prove that you are an ultimate champion! Use arrow keys to play the game. Have fun! ...

Awesome Racer
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A funny game, in which you have to drive poop on your truck to the damp. With every level the number of poop you need to deliver grows. Drive carefully to not lose all the poop. Enjoy the game!...

Poo Dumper
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Amazing news for the fans of the Pimp My Ride online game! Meet the hacked version of it, which includes more levels and tasks! Don't hesitate, click "Play" and have a great time! ...

Pimp My Ride - Crowd Magnet Hacked
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Around The World Race is a challenging and addictive driving game, which is available online and for free! Your objective is to demonstrate your driving skills and get through complicated locales and trucks. Don't forget to collect coins along your w...

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