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Angry Birds Vs Bad Pig
plays 282
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3D Logic
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Power Rangers Spot The Differences
plays 407
by scrisoft
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Epic Jigsaw Puzzle
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Fruits Match Challenge

Puzzles & Skill Games

We are glad to present you a brand new online flash game from Angry Birds series. The problem is that Bad Big has occupied the home. Your task is to show all your braveness and skills in order to defeat them. Be careful on your way, because you will ...

Angry Birds Vs Bad Pig
988 plays

In this amazing game, you will be a nano bot. Isn’t that intriguing? Your task is to free yourself from the dominion of the evil machines. You have to reach the exit using modes. You have to create a perfect route for your ship. Passing the distanc...

407 plays

Fruits Match Challenge is one more amazing online flash game, in which your task as usual is to line up 3 or more same type of fruits to make them blast. Pay attention to the fact that you will get more score points for bigger groups of fruits. You c...

Fruits Match Challenge
771 plays

Do you remember the famous online flash game called Red Star Fall? If your answer is yes, then you must try yourself in this extremely difficult version of it. Your task as in the simple Red Star Fall is to make the star fall on the predefined places...

Red Star Fall Pro
400 plays

Aladdins Quest is an exciting online flash game, in which you should use all your brain skills. The story is that you are flying on the magic carpet over the tower. And there is a quest for you to solve all over it. Your task is to watch on the recta...

392 plays

Do you remember the famous retro online flash game called Vooz? If your answer is yes, then we have good news for you. In this game you must use all your aiming and shooting skills, because your objective is to destroy all the terrifying fuzzies one ...

361 plays

Do you like memory games and enormous big Renault trucks? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Your task is to match two similar pictures of trucks in order to remove them from the screen. Your task is to remove them all in the li...

Renault Truck Memory
350 plays

In the exciting and interesting Liquid Measure game your task is to fill the pots with water. In order to control the flow, you hshoudl use the given pieces. Do your best and try not to waste even a drop of water! Use your mouse to drag and drop all...

Liquid Measure
346 plays

Blockgineer 2 is an amazing and captivating puzzle game, in which you have to demonstrate all your thinking skills and logic! You need to get to the end of the level by creating the pathway with smiley faces. Use the blocks that are available, but pa...

Blockgineer 2
340 plays

Balls Brothers is an amazing game, in which you should use all your game skills. The story is that one of Balls Brothers is captured in the dangerous cage. Your task is to rescue him using different methods. Remember that you have only one trial, but...

Balls Brothers
333 plays

Meet another fascinating puzzle game, which will greatly testify your brains. Everyone knows that famous Leonardo da Vinci was a great inventor and his creations were actually genius. In this game, you will have to assist him in configuring cannonbal...

Fun Da Vinci
327 plays

Meet a captivating and awesome Redstar Fall Pro online game! Challenge your thinking skills and test your brain with the difficult puzzles of this game. Your objective is to do evrything possible to get the red start without too many clicks. Then, yo...

Redstar Fall Pro
320 plays