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Mario Driving Underwater
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Fix the Puzzle - Ratatouille
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Perfect Balance Harmony Editor
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Picross and Dragons

What a fantastic puzzle flash game from Mario series. It is free! Your objective is to click on the puzzles to make them change their places. Do your best to complete a cool photo. You can choose one of four difficulties such as easy, medium, hard a...

Mario Driving Underwater
6381 plays

We have good news for all the puzzle-based online flash games. Try our brand new game called Elegant Puzzles Book. There a lot of various puzzles in this game and you must use all your puzzle solving and brain skills in order to solve all of them. Pa...

Elegant Puzzles Book
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Fix the Puzzle-Ratatouille is the sequel of the famous Fix the Puzzle flash game. Your task in this exciting game is to solve the puzzle. Fix the scrambled pieces in the appropriate positions to make a complete picture. Use all your skills and be ver...

Fix the Puzzle - Ratatouille
2754 plays

RePixel is an awesome and captivating online game, in which your task is to repixelate the image and guess it. Do your best and repixel as less as possible to achieve the best results and finish the game! Have fun! ...

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We have good news for all the Perfect Balance Harmony online flash game fans. We want to present you this exciting editor, in which you must use all your imagination in order to build new levels of this game. Don’t forget to share your levels with ...

Perfect Balance Harmony Editor
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Picross and Dragons is a brand new part of the famous puzzle online flash game, in which you must use all your brains skills. This is a great time waster both for children and for adults, which can improve your skills. The task sounds easy, but it fo...

Picross and Dragons
2327 plays

What way will you pick? Is it sliding or jigsaw? Pick one option to start playing this excellent puzzle game. If you go with the jigsaw, you’ll drag a piece or pieces into correct positions. If there are multiple pieces to be moved, press a Ctrl+Le...

Angry Birds Chuck Racer
2169 plays

Water Supply is a world famous puzzle-based online flash game, in which you must use all your brains skills. Your objective in this game is to place the pipes in such a way that it will complete the flow of the water from the start point to the end p...

Water Supply
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If you are fond of memory games, then Euro 2016 Jerseys Memory is right for you! The game contains a lot of various pictures. Your objective is to remember and guess two same pictures with the help of your memory. There are six levels in the game. Th...

Euro 2016 Jerseys Memory
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Pic Tart Marvel Avengers is one more interesting and addictive puzzle game! Your main goal is to get the comlete picture by fixing its pieces. Bring the pieces in the exact position with the help of the mouse. If you need, you can rotate and swa the ...

Pic Tart Marvel Avengers
1968 plays

Remember Super Mario? Wanna try out its new 3D version? Go ahead! Enjoy an excellent puzzle game. Use your mouse only. Drag multiple pieces into right places. If there’s a piece you want to pick, press the combination Ctrl + Left+ Click. Any mode, ...

Super Mario 3D World
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Wonderful news for the fans of the captivating physics-based puzzle online games! In the next sequel of the Assembler your objective is to arrange various objects. Moreover, you have to match green shapes with the outlines of various colours. Use you...

Assembler 4
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