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Catch The Ball
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Kiba League

Play for the national team in an offered soccer game! Win the contest! Now you are the chief! So, decide on players’ substitution, tactical modules, level difficulty and other numerous features. Soccer can be a tough game, so never commit fouls tha...

Gs Soccer 2015
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If you enjoy playing sports physics-based puzzle games, then this one is right for you! have a great time competing in socccer! Demonstrate all your skills and prove that you are the best! Enjoy the game! ...

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Play as a quaterback in this addictive and awesome Ultimate Football game! Your objective is to pass the ball to your teammates and to earn points for doing that. Do as many passes as possible to set a new high score! By the way, the time is limited,...

Ultimate Football
253 plays

The quarterfinal of Brazil World Cup is about to take place. Use force to receive the ball! Play shooting and passing, scoring, etc! The team of heroes can show its best with your help! Prepare for a tough game and possible loses. Use your technical ...

Hero Nekketsu Soccer
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The Big Hit is for real men only! In this game you have to deliver terrible tackles to the opponents. First, you need to choose the team you'd like to play for. Then, select your victim. The faster and stronger you tackle, the more points you get. Fi...

The Big Hit
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This free kick simulation game is the choice of many experienced users. Want to test your skills and strength? Then use an above-the-ball-icon gauge and set up the best shots. Show everyone who’s the best in this game....

Roby Baggio Magical Kicks
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There is a limit of time – 60 seconds. Within this minute, you should score as many goals as your mastery will allow you. Enjoy!...

World of Sports
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Human VS Robot in a brand new Robot Soccer flash game! If you are a fan of soccer, then you will definitely enjoy this game. It is not that easy to control your tank: you can only turn, advance, accelerate and break. Demonstrate your football skills ...

Robot Soccer
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Try a brand new interesting Farm Soccer online game for free! Your objective is to help the farmer score as many goals as each of the levels as possible. Be ready to face some challenges, it won't be an easy task! Get over all the obstacles and becom...

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What a breathtaking football game! Demonstrate your football skills and have fun playing football with robots. This time you task is a little bit different. You have not to score a goal, but to destroy all your opponents with the ball. Beware of foot...

Blitz Bots
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In this kicking game, your aim is to score as many goals as you can. Show the real mastery and set the highest record. Entertain!...

3G Free Kick
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Looking for real challenges, you just cannot omit this game! Space Balls Challenge is the game for those who are not afraid of difficulties. You have to put to use all your strengths and develop them to succeed. You will require great patience and tr...

Space Balls Challenge
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