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Hot Wheels Drive-Thru Dilemma
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Batman Zombie Smasher Game
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Race 1
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Tanked Up

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Batman fans, are you here? We have some great news for you! Batman is back again! In the brand new Batman Zombie Smasher Game online game you have to drift your car in seven amazing and challenging tracks. Have fun killing zombies and unlocking new c...

Batman Zombie Smasher Game
645 plays

Become a nighttime driver, who runs through the dusk and leaves tens of cars behind. Reach each level’s end before your time is over and upgrade your car at the end of the race. Develop your skills to remove all competitors and score more! Race mor...

Night Drivin
446 plays

This is the second part of the exciting online flash gamecalled Sprint Flash, in which you must use all your driving skills. Be very careful, because all the tracks have a lot of dangerous turns. Good luck! ...

Sprint Flash 2
340 plays

Some cars need to be repaired. Rollover these cars to see what they lack. Send the car to the right station service and get payment for it. Spend your money on different upgrades and promotions. Keep an eye on the track of your customer's satisfactio...

Hot Wheels Drive-Thru Dilemma
322 plays

Challenge and demonstrate your excellent driving skills in the cool racing Speed Trucks online game! Race and compete other drivers. Prove that you are the best and become an ultimate champion! Use up arrow key to accelerate, left / right arrow keys ...

Speed Trucks
317 plays

Are you a road wolf? Prove that! Become a winner! There’s a series of races to be completed. Success brings money, failures guarantee disappointment. Get money and upgrade both weapons and cars. What are weapons for? Well, as long as it’s a no-ru...

Road Wolves
295 plays

Blast your way around 8 action-packed tracks and destroy the opposition tanks. ...

Tanked Up
271 plays

In our brand new 3D Plane Race game you have to compete not in car racing, but in the plane racing! Do everything possible to beat the opponents and to finish each race first. Only if you win the race, you can unlock the next one. After each level yo...

Plane Race
257 plays

If you think that you are the best driver in the world and you should try this very game to really prove that. Earn the maximal points, win the laps and overcome all the rivals. Become the real champion!...

Swift Buggy
253 plays

Try this second part of the amazing online racing flash game called Death Racers. In this game you can choose a racer and a location, where you would like to rest. You must use all your driving skills in order to win, because your opponents are good ...

246 plays

Speed up and prove that you are the best driver ever with the excting and breathtaking TGFG Racing online game! The pecularity of this racing is that you will have to compete with the tiniest cars. It is really hard to see them! Use Up arrow to accel...

TGFG Racing
243 plays

Raccoon Racer is a brand new ridiculous racing online flash game, in which you can try yourself at boat and kart racing. The story is that you take part in the most famous animal challenge. At the very beginning you must choose your racer between two...

Raccoon Racer
238 plays